The B2Leap Platform

A suite of powerful modules
ready to expand you business vision.

Supply chain process control, production lifecyle and immutable data storage. These are just a few of the business-ready solutions that B2Leap can offer.

B2Leap Dynamic Block Data can securely store all of your workflow informations while Smart Contracts can be supplied on-chain to validate and later verify the whole process.

Your Business should not adjust to your tools. With this core idea B2Leap was built to seamlessy integrate with your systems while giving you all the control needed to verify and oversee your secure workflows.


Your busines is ready to leap

A complete, secure and transparent Blockchain service at your disposal.

Blockchain Infrastructure

A full blockchain service platform ready built to be easily integrated using clear open API technology.

Smart Contracts

Your process. Your rules. B2Leap smart contracts give you all the power you need to verify your workflow.

Full Control

Track your process anywhere, anytime, whatever your platform, in real time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions, answered. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What infrastructure do I need to implement B2Leap?

B2Leap is a fully distributed blockchain as a service solution. It is meant to run on a distributed system that does not reside on your business premises. No infrastructure is required to fully use B2Leap.

What protocols are supported?

Currently, B2Leap supports Geth, the most popular Ethereum client on main-net and Corda, an open source blockchain protocol that has been built with enterprise businesses in mind.

Is B2Leap a private Blockchain?

Yes. Blocks and transactions related to your account are private and tied uniquely to your business. No one, outside your organization, will be capable to see the state or the content of your blocks.

Is there a currency tied to B2Leap?

No. B2Leap leaverages blockchain protocol and infrastructure servicing hundreds of thousands of workflows and business processes. We do not represent a currency.

Are smart contracts supported?

Yes of course. Smart contracts are not simply supported but by providing a full on-platform contract compiler you will be able to verify your binaries before promoting them to your chain.

Do I need a B2Leap node?

You can add to your B2Leap chain as many private and distributed nodes as you like but they are not required to create and deploy your blockchain solution. Everything can run built just on our distributed platform.

Is my data secure?

B2Leap is deploying state of the art network and storage security. Additionally, your private nodes can be further configured to be reachable by specific subnets or domains.

Can we make on-chain information accessible?

By default B2Leap informations are kept secure to your account only but specific, on-chain information can be enabled for sharing so that third parties can see and navigate the workflow directly.

Ho can my system integrate with B2Leap?

B2Leap has a secure REST API interface that can be easily integrated by any platform capable of making a simple HTTPS request.

Is there any library required?

No. Being all REST based, no library is required to integrate with B2Leap. We do, however, provide multiple ready-to-use examples in .Net, Phyton and Go.

Can we hook into on-chain events?

Yes. Various hooks can be mantained to deliver real time, on-chain events to your systems.

Can a distributed team work on nodes?

Distributed security is a built-in feature of B2Leap. Multiple teams can be configured to work on different integrations, nodes or even contracts with different security levels.


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